Safety Cranks

Spring loaded safety crank SIFEKU

The bi-directional self-braking crank is the safety upgrade to the traditional pawl-and-ratchet of yesteryear.  The safety benefits are two-fold; to the load it is cranking and especially to the operator whose hands and other body parts are at risk.

The Sifeku crank is widely used for:

  • Cow hoof trimming chutes and crushes
  • Conveyors and loading decks
  • Manually gear operated jacks
  • Manually operated winches


  • Silent operation without the need for a pawl or secondary latching
  • Kick-back proof
  • Maintenance free
  • Totally enclosed
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Braking effect in both directions of rotation
  • The load is held securely in any position in either rotation direction
  • Approved by TÜV as an independent safety crank
  • With folding handle
  • Arm length 250-mm
  • Square drive 17-mm standard
  • Maximum braking torque 60-Nm / 44.25-ft-lb

Available in a two-piece option with removable tamper-proof crank handle

Download product catalogue (PDF)