Manual winch with load pressure brake model OMEGA-EX

Capacity 630 kg (1,400 lb) and 1,000 kg (2,200 lb)

The OMEGA-EX hand winch is a completely new design that was developed for the especially high safety requirements in potentially explosive atmospheres. All components of the OMEGA-EX are designed to dissipate any potential heat build-up through operation. Carefully selected materials and the sophisticated construction of the winch prevent the occurrence of mechanically induced sparks.


  • Winch housing is made of an aluminum casting for light weight while the rope drum is made of steel, nickel plated for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Integrated load pressure brake.
  • Enclosed gear set with oil bath lubrication. A large oil volume ensures durability and helps with cooling.
  • Equipotential bonding to avoid electrostatic charging.
  • Suitable for use in temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) up to +40°C (+104°F).
  • Also available in a standard BGVD8 version or an OFFSHORE version, each with either manual operation with removable hand crank or an external motor-powered drive.

Application areas

  • Chemical or petrochemical industry, biogas plants, painting facilities or marine.


Sheave block for wire rope guidance model DSRB S

Capacity of up to 8,000 kg (19,400 lb) at 90° deflection.


  • Precision machined sheaves with root groove sized to a specific wire rope diameter.

Grease filled sealed ball-bearings for smooth operation and high load capacity.

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