The SSP series stainless steel worm gear screw jacks are entirely new and manufactured specifically for the harsh requirements of modern paper machines and similar corrosive environments. The SSP is based on a standard kit, which can be mechanically coupled to create an array to achieve required overall system capacity.  The SSP is also very suitable for food processing industries, explosion proof areas, chemical and petroleum refining plants.

Features and Benefits:

  • high grade stainless steel
  • load range of 5,000 kg (11,000 lb) to 25,000 kg (28 ton)
  • 4 sizes with lifting capacities 50 kN to 250 kN
  • Drive-motor speed of up to 1500 rpm
  • Self-locking trapezoidal machine screw
  • External mounted motor flange and standard fastening geometry
  • High quality lubrication
  • Housing with integral cast swivel brackets
  • Interchangeable with other metric manufacturers of stainless steel worm gear screw jacks
  • Chamfer at the header to fasten the protection boot
  • FEM optimized housing
  • Worm gear and wheel sets in two ratios (normal “N” and slow “L”)
  • and much more, consultation with our engineers is required


Download SSP product catalogue (PDF)