Base-mounted wire rope winch model SW-K LB

  • Capacity from 150 kg (330 lb) to 1,200 kg (2,650 lb)

Stainless steel wire rope winch model SW-K LB-VA

  • Capacity from 250 kg (550 lb) to 900 kg (2,000 lb)


The SW-K LB was originally developed as an off-road winch and is used in a variety of lifting and pulling applications. 


  • Light weight robust stamped steel frame.
  • Spur gear drive for optimal efficiency and comfortable operation.
  • Automatic load pressure brake for safe load holding in any position. Unintentional brake release is not possible.
  • All parts are zinc-plated for increased corrosion protection and the drum has an additional KTL protective coating.
  • Simple and quick installation onto mounting base.


  • Stainless steel versions, material 1.4301 for increased corrosion protection.

Free-wheeling device to disengage brake allowing quick manual unreeving of wire rope in an unloaded condition.

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